About Jim Roche, C.P.A., M.B.A.


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Jim Roche’s CFO skills has freed the time of hundreds of business owners enabling them to more successfully grow their businesses and interact with customers.

Jim oversees the financial aspects of company strategy. He designs, installs & oversees day-to-day flow of financial information & presents summarized information to owners that is critical to running the business. When a system consistently captures, tracks and reports on financial & non-financial measures owners and managers can simply refer to a dashboard of activity & results to discern the health and direction of current operations.

Prior to launching his firm, Jim excelled for five years in various CPA firms, including the “Accounting & Business Advisory Services” department of an International firm. Additionally, his successes include preparing and packaging a closely held business for sale to a NASDQ traded company, implementing the strategic shift of a troubled company, preventing an auction of fixed assets by the secured lender while creating profitable operations and he received seed funding after writing an award winning business plan.

Jim works in a broad range of industries from consultants to the Columbian coffee federation to sports medicine distributors to semiconductor test equipment manufacturers. He is a notable networker who can tap his client base or personal resources to help with all matters from an Arborist to a Zen master.

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