What We Do


Working with Banks

All businesses live in a constantly changing world. There is an ongoing need to adapt best practices to meet your own changing needs and assimilate changing markets.

Our CFO outsourcing services synthesize all the relevant data; analyze the impact of banking covenants and develop business models of results at various levels of activity, remaining always prepared to help your business secure bank financing under the most advantageous circumstances.

Design Bookkeeping Systems

Safeguarding assets and ensuring proper recording of transactions is paramount. Our CFO services develop, describe and implement day-to-day bookkeeping procedures from the ground up, producing a detailed procedure manual for you and your employees. We analyze the internal controls and staffing strengths and weaknesses to protect you and your employees accounting irregularities.

We can work with employees to interview, train and mentor account, finance and bookkeeping staff. We also provide continuing oversight of bookkeeping personnel along with continuing quality improvement training in accounting best practices.

Budgeting & Cash Flow Forecasting

Changing conditions means constantly reevaluating your assumptions. Our CFO services undertake a detailed review of those assumptions and develop systems for validating departmental and company-wide budgets for internal planning and tracking. Cash flow forecasting and profit and loss budgets ensure a broad, strategic view of your company’s growth along with meeting the day-to-day cash flow needs.

Management Reporting Systems

As your CFO, we track your company’s progress we develop key performance indicators to monitor strategic progress. We also simplify the reports used for key management decisions. Designing custom reports allow us to help decrease the time needed to produce accurate financial statements and to interpret those data for management staff.

Cash flow & profitability improvements

An ever-vigilant CFO can aid increased cash flow in many ways. Profitability analysis by product line or service informs resource allocations. Accelerated billing and collections; lease versus purchase decision; excess cash investment decisions; comparison of historical results to industry data and the review and analysis of trends can all lead to increased cash flow within your business.

Periodic Business Review

As your CFO, we facilitate monthly or quarterly meeting with the management team to update goals and projects against projections and key indicators. .

Business plans

As your CEO we develop operational and financial business plans for start-ups and well-established companies. We take the deep dive, learning your business; modelling your financial status and analyzing the market conditions. Together we engage in strategic thinking exercises to identify the various ways you company can succeed and the best methods for moving forward.

Sales Pipeline

We love nothing more than simplicity and efficiency. As your CFO, we will outline the sales process, track prospects in the various funnel stages and track all conversations, to better simplify sales in your pipeline.

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