Get you to your end game? Challenge accepted.


Anyone can crunch numbers. MyCFO turns them into insightful counsel on your financial health and growth potential.

We help you give investors information that builds confidence in your potential. We help you convince customers you’re a solid business partner. We’re ever mindful of your end game, whether it’s taking your company public, positioning it for acquisition, or steady long-term growth.

Performing this advisor role means focusing on three key areas:

Meeting The Bottom Line
You need a flexible budget to support sales growth. Both must align with your short- and long- term goals. MyCFO will help you track internal and external bottlenecks and ensure your team is working in concert toward common goals. We will proactively manage busy and slow periods to make business cycles more predictable and nurture a more agile business. Your investors and owners will be more confident in your company’s future.

When you’re ready to grow or you need a bit more to get you through a leaner time, we will start with rolling cash forecasting and plan options, with contingencies in place so you can change funding as needed. This planning gives banks and other investors confidence in your financial management.

Shop Floor Management
Today’s business environment demands lean, efficient operation with minimal cash tied up in inventory and labor. We can help you improve your efficiency by tracking, planning and reducing inventory to optimal levels. Efficiency promotes accurate forecasting and more stable labor and unit costs. 

Other areas we address include: 

External Reporting

  • Timeliness vs. Accuracy
  • Different stakeholder needs
  • Regulatory compliance

Harvest Issues

  • Succession planning
  • Maximizing value

    Measurement & Tracking

    • Controlled growth
    • Progress tracking on goals/projects
    • Over-runs (cost or time)
    • Setting expectations
    • Supplier management
    • Sales force management
    • Advertising / marketing efficiencies
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