Strategic guidance + systems to manage daily details

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Fuel your growth with senior-level financial experience

MyCFO provides outsourced CFO-level financial management services to entrepreneurial companies. We become a key part of your management team without the overhead costs of a full-time employee, supervising all financial operations while you focus on product development and customer care.  Click here for our one-sheet brochure.

Strategic guidance + systems to manage daily details

MyCFO can handle every element of financial management, from meeting payroll to designing financial strategies to grow your company. These services include:

Day-to-Day Management

  • Business Goals, Progress, and Indicator Review – Facilitating periodic meetings with management team to update goals and projects against projections and key indicators.
  • Mid-Year Review – Whether your year is going great, poorly or somewhere in-between, taking the time to perform a mid-year review can significantly improve your chances of achieving success.
  • Cash Flow & Profitability Improvements – Analyzing profitability by product/service line; accelerating billing and collections; controlled growth; leasing versus purchasing; excess cash investment decisions; comparing historical results to industry data; analyzing trends; supplier management; advertising / marketing efficiencies.
  • Safeguarding Assets – Implementing internal accounting control systems to safeguard assets, ensure proper transaction recording, and prevent accounting irregularities.
  • Fraud and Embezzlement Investigations – Identify the embezzlement, document the crime, and provide information for criminal prosecution and civil action.
  • Business Operating Systems – We install and make operational a set of processes, tools, and structures to help manage and run operations efficiently.
  • Bookkeeping Systems – Designing and implementing day-to-day bookkeeping procedures; detailed procedure manual; continuous oversight and training.
  • Staffing – Working with your employees to interview, train and mentor accounting, finance and bookkeeping staff; oversight of bookkeeping personnel; quality improvement training in accounting best practices.
  • Turnarounds & Restructuring – If your company is experiencing losses or heading toward bankruptcy, we can possibly help to turn it around and set it on a long-term course to profitability and success.
  • Sales Pipeline – Tracking prospects in the various funnel stages; tracking conversations, simplifying the sales process; sales force management.

Forecasting & Planning

  • Budgeting, Cash Flow and Fixed Asset Forecasting Developing systems for budget development and tracking; cash flow forecasting, profit and loss budgets; fixed asset investment planning, meeting day-to-day cash flow needs; over-runs (cost or time).
  • Tax Planning  and Compliance Innovative and effective tax planning services on a year-round basis. From tax structuring of complex business transactions to multi-state taxation to tax payment planning to succession planning, we apply our decades of experience to your particular situation.
  • Business Plans – Developing operational and financial business plans for start-ups and well-established companies; modeling financial status; analyzing market conditions.
  • Exit or Succession Planning – Preparing a business for sale by systemizing all aspects of the business; documenting institutional knowledge; cleaning up tax accounting and control procedures; preparing books and records for audit. 

Reporting, Bank & Investor Relations

  • Management Reporting Systems – Developing key performance indicators; designing custom reports to reduce time in producing accurate financial statements; interpreting data; progress tracking on goals/projects
  • External reporting – Investor reports and different stakeholder needs; regulatory compliance.
  • Banking Relationships – Loan packaging; analyzing the impact of banking covenants; developing business models; securing bank financing.

Anyone can crunch numbers. MyCFO turns them into insightful counsel on your financial health and growth potential

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