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MyCFO: Budgeting & Cash Flow Forecasting


Essential services

A key aspect of our service to clients is in Budgeting & Cash Flow Forecasting. MyCFO typically helps clients with these essential issues:
• Communication with all levels of management
• Allocate resources to growth and development
• Manage cash flow more effectively
• Monitor performance
• Effective expense management
• Maximize return-on-investment

On a fundamental level, MyCFO typically does the following with each client: review prior performance, set goals, calculate income and expenses, and establish goals for profitability and key financial benchmarks.

MyCFO typically provides sophisticated assistance with cash flow management advice, and systems to generate key financial data for management to regularly monitor.

In the process, MyCFO may also assist in setting up bookkeeping systems, accounting department training, and bank loan negotiations. We then set up systems to monitor the budget vs. actual results during the year, and consult with you in making adjustments along the way.

Complex issues

If your business is encountering any of the following you will need additional budgeting assistance from MyCFO:
• Under-performance in overall profitability
• Facilities expansion
• Adding a new division
• Changes in product lines
• Revenue “gaps,” requiring a revised line of credit

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