Systems to manage daily details, guidance on major decisions


MyCFO implements automated systems that perform the functions of a full-time financial management professional – without actually having one on staff.

Our systems enable employees without extensive financial experience to handle basic but crucial day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting tasks. Experienced MyCFO professionals provide continuing oversight and continuous quality improvement training in accounting best practices.

Beyond the day-to-day, we provide senior-level counsel on strategic financial initiatives to grow your company. They include:

Analyzing and creating business plans – Developing operational and financial business plans for start-ups and well-established companies; modeling financial status; analyzing market conditions

Strategic budgeting and cash flow forecasting – Developing systems for validating budgets for internal planning and tracking; cash flow forecasting and profit and loss budgets for a strategic view of growth and meeting day-to-day cash flow needs

Improving key area performance – Developing key performance indicators to monitor strategic progress; designing custom reports to help decrease time needed to produce accurate financial statements; interpreting data for management staff

Increasing positive cash flow and profitability – Analyzing profitability by product line or service to inform resource allocation; accelerating billing and collections; leasing versus purchasing; excess cash investment decisions; comparing historical results to industry data; analyzing trends

Safeguarding your assets – Implementing procedures to safeguard assets and ensure proper transaction recording; producing detailed procedure manual; analyzing internal controls and staffing strengths and weaknesses to prevent accounting irregularities

Developing banking relationships – Synthesizing relevant data; analyzing the impact of banking covenants; developing business models; securing bank financing

Business goals, progress, and indicator review – Facilitating monthly or quarterly meetings with management team to update goals and projects against projections and key indicators

Optimizing sales pipelines – Outlining the sales process; tracking prospects in the various funnel stages; tracking conversations, simplifying the sales process

Harvesting or transitioning business – Preparing a business for sale by systemizing all aspects of the business; documenting institutional knowledge; cleaning up lax accounting and control procedures; preparing books and records for audit

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